Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yosuga No Sora Episode 11

I really can't think of anything more taboo in what is now becoming mainstream within the anime genre than incest. Yosuga No Sora becomes one such anime, successfully conveying the female lead's sexual frustration, and her unholy desire to become one with her oniichan. Some say that this sort of titillation is the Japanese government's way to goad the Nihon masses to marry and start families in order to save the Japanese population from a very low birth rate, and eventual extinction.

Japan, however, being an extremely homogenous nation, and xenophobic of mass foreign immigration of other human beings, with an intense desire to retain the purity of their "East-Aryan" bloodlines, seems to have opted to use incest as the vehicle (any means necessary) by which they will save their nation from low-birth rate annihilation.

Halfway through Yosuga No Sora episode 11, the male lead strips off his ailing sister's clothing in order to wipe the sweat from her body. One thing leads to another, and soon the two are rutting each other like a couple of rednecks from America's deep South. They continue their relationship, with the female having fully thrown herself with abandon into their incestual interactions; the male lead Haruka being somewhat reluctant, but eventually giving in to his base Japanese male desires each and every time. The episode ends with the two getting caught in the act by the male lead's girlfriend and another person! The two lovebirds with the same DNA caught in a base sin that would, under Divine Law, demand their death.

What will happen to Sora and her brother? Will she conceive and bear a retarded child? What is Haruka going to say to his girlfriend, now that he's been caught? We'll find out for sure in episode 12 next week, same time, same site at Animeflavor.com!